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Hi, I’m Brittany and this is my life as a Boy mom

I’m creating this blog as a way to share my daily experiences being a mother of 4 boys. I never imagined being a mom let alone a mother of boys. Over the past 8 years I’ve evolved as a boy mom and have taken a interest in everything boy related. I’ve learned how to not freak out when balls are thrown in my house and how to remain calm and collected when my child turns into a gremlin in the grocery store. I’m just kidding I’m like every other mom who has anxiety attacks and then remembers who they are and somehow manages to get through the day. To get their kids to school, practices, go to work, make dinner, get them in bed and do it again the next day. I’m writing this to let you know you’re not alone. I’ll be on here sharing my crazy day to day life raising boys. In addition to sharing my daily life I’ll be sharing my thoughts and struggles with parenting, my favorite family friendly recipes, and all of our family adventures. Through this I hope that I can meet more mothers with boys and be able to create a community of boy moms who can understand each other’s struggles and learn from one another.

Now let me introduce you to the reason I’m here my Boys Sean 11, Jaden 8, Elijah 2, and Knoah 7months.

Sean 11
Jaden 8
Elijah 2
Knoah 7months

Author: raisingwoodham

I'm a 30-year-old wife and mother of 4. I love to travel and be outdoors with the kids. In the summer we spend a lot of time at the lake and taking family vacations on the beach. My favorite thing to do in my free time is cook I enjoy getting new dishes and trying new recipes. In addition I love being able to have family gatherings especially during the holidays. I decided to start blogging to be able to share my journey and experiences as a wife and mother with other mothers.

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